Firemen Rescue Woman Stuck In Bath When Fire Broke Out

Story By: Ana Lacasa, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN

This helmet camera footage shows the moment firemen break into a locked flat to rescue a woman from her bathtub after she became trapped while trying to escape a blaze that started in her home.

The incident took place in the town of Rivas in the community of Madrid in Spain, when a fire broke out in a flat while the woman, whose identity has not been revealed, was still inside.

The rescue filmed with one of the firemen’s helmet cameras starts with them preparing to enter the property.

One of the firemen manages to break the door as they enter the home which is full of smoke. 

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Picture Credits: CEN

They then realise that there is a woman inside hiding in a bathtub in the bathroom, apparently trying to protect herself from the fire.

After making sure she can still breathe, they give her some oxygen before taking her out of the house. 

According to local media, the fire was put out and the woman was rushed to hospital with signs of smoke poisoning but her condition is not thought to be serious.

Netizen ‘burkealcudia’ added: “Bravo, bravo and bravo, for that professional service. Thanks a lot for your work.”

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Ana Lacasa

I am a senior writer and journalist and editor of the Spanish desk for the Central European News agency.

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