Female Secret Services Agent Falls Flat On Face At Show

Story byAlex CopeSub-Editor:Joseph Golder,Agency:Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@andi.grui

An elite Romanian woman secret service agent in full combat gear failed to impress watchers during a military parade after she toppled out of a van in front of a crowd.

The hilarious moment took place during a National Day parade in the city of Alba Iulia in the Alba County of central Romania.

In the video, two black people carriers can be seen transporting agents from the Romanian Intelligence Service through the parade with crowds gathered either side of the road.

Agents in full gear are hanging out of the open doors of the vehicles when one of them loses her grip and falls to the ground.

She ends up on all fours on the road but gets back to her feet and sheepishly runs to get back into the car which has stopped for her.

The parade marked the centenary of the Great Union of the Romanian kingdom with Transylvania, Bessarabia, and Bukovina.

Netizens loved the video, with one claiming the weather was extremely cold and could have affected the agent’s ability to hold onto the side of the car.

However, other users were not as forgiving with one commenting that the female agent had tried to “wave to the people with the same hand she was holding onto the vehicle”.

Picture Credit: CEN