Female Reporters’ Furious Brawl At Women’s Awards Ceremony

A parliamentary awards ceremony to honour high-achieving women ended in chaos when two female writers covering the event staged a furious catfight.

The tribute was supposed to be a highlight for recognising the importance of the role of women in Sonora State, Mexico, on 17th October.

But within minutes, the Power of Sonoran Women Awards erupted into a furious brawl when two female journalists covering the event flew at each other.

Local media reports that it began Liberia Radio reporter Erika Llaguno apparently accused Journal Genros magazine writer Mirtha Castro of taking cash backhanders.

Llaguna, says local media, shouted: “You are a shame to the profession of the Press.”

And when she said she had video proof on her mobile phone, Castro flew at her and knocked the mobile out of her hand.

Erika Llaguno and Mirtha Castro fight at a woman’s award ceremony at the state legislature in Hermosillo, Mexico. The fight occurred at an event for women contributing with their effort and talent to equality and the promotion of women’s rights. (@elPho3niX/CEN)

Footage of the scrap shows the two women grappling and hair-pulling in front of astonished guests and VIPs.

Sadly for the feminist theme of the event, it took a man to break up the angry brawl by separating the two women.

As one of them is led away, her rival is seen bending over to pick up her phone before the footage ends.

Officials at the Plenary Room of the Congress of Sonora in Hermosillo later continued the ceremony.

It is unclear if the scrap was reported to police or if the women were kicked out of the event.