Fat Bald Man Who Faked Image Killed Pretty Online Date

Story By: Simon Glover, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

This fat balding Japanese man has reportedly confessed to murdering a pretty teenage student he met online after he faked his age and appearance and she apparently freaked out when she finally met him.

Overweight Koichi Hirose, 35, has told cops he killed the pretty teenage girl and buried her body in a field because “she was noisy”.

Victim Natsumi Kikuchi, 19, was never seen again after she met up with Hirose after they started chatting online.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Miss Kikuchi’s body was found buried close to the sea, near the city of Kamisu in central Japan’s Ibaraki Prefecture, 13 kilometres (eight miles) from Hirose’s home.

She had travelled by train from the capital city of Tokyo, where she lived and attended university, to meet Hirose who it is believed misled her about his age and appearance.

Police finally found the body after Koichi Hirose, 35, allegedly admitted killing her and then burying her body during questioning.

The body of the teenager, from the capital city of Tokyo, was decomposed but her identity was confirmed from her fingerprints.

Hirose initially faces charges of improperly disposing of a corpse but is expected to face a murder charge in due course.

He told cops he had first made contact with Miss Kikuchi online and they had agreed to meet up for real in Kamisu.

He allegedly admitted killing her inside his car after she “started getting noisy” and later buried her in the field.

Police say Miss Kikuchi had travelled to Kamisu by train after attending a university lecture in Tokyo. She then got a taxi to a shop near Hirose’s home.

She last made contact with her friends and family via a smartphone app around 11 pm that night but was never seen again.

Police eventually caught up with Hirose on 24th January when he admitted meeting Miss Kikuchi outside his home and added: “But she left immediately. I don’t know where she went.”

However, cops were not convinced and carried on questioning Hirose who they say eventually told them he had killed and buried the student, and thrown her phone in a river.

Police say Hirose was previously arrested in 2017 after he met a girl, who was underage, and offered her money to perform obscene acts.

It is not mentioned in local media whether he is suspected of having sexually assaulted the victim.