Face Op Man Changes Passport Pic After Border Woes

Story By: Anastasia Smirnova, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

A fashion guru with a love for plastic surgery has had to change his passport pic after repeatedly being refused entry by border guards who could not longer recognise him.

In the latest incident, 23-year old Fyodor Shvets from the city of Novosibirsk in the southern Russian region of ‎Novosibirsk Oblast was stopped at border control by staff who failed to recognise his photo after undergoing lip augmentation surgery.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@livovichfedor

Heavily-tattooed Shvets, who enjoys changing his hairstyle and looks and posting provocative snaps on social media, said: “I have been undergoing plastic surgery since I was 18.

“I have had a nose job, I have changed the shape of my eyes, jaw, lips. I have changed a lot.”

Pictures Credit: CEN/@livovichfedor

His latest change caused a stir with Russian border staff while jetting off on a holiday with his girlfriend Katia, who he admits suffers the most from the situation.

Shvets said that officials often spend several minutes comparing his passport photo with the man standing in front of them, sometimes resulting in him being turned away.

He explained: “I am constantly being told I cannot cross the border. Once I wanted to go to China and was told to return to Russia. They even accused me of stealing someone else’s passport. I was really scared, but I eventually managed to prove that it was mine.”

On another occasion when returning to his home country, he was sent to a back room where officials scanned his eye retinas.

Netizen ‘SA’ said: “He looks pretty dope to me!”

‘Bil’ commented: “I would like to see his girlfriend, I am really curious about what she looks like.”

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