Explosive Moment Overturned Gas Delivery Lorry Blows Up

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

Drivers stuck behind an overturned gas delivery lorry on a motorway have captured the moment it catches fire and explodes.

The accident happened on the Jingping Expressway in Chinese capital Beijing at 8:30am local time on 28th February.

The lorry carrying gas cylinders, like for residential or restaurant use, overturned on the motorway and caught fire shortly after following a collision with a people carrier.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Footage shows numerous drivers having parked at a distance while watching smoke rise from the overturned lorry.

Seconds later, however, a loud blast is heard and a ball of fire rises into the air as one of the cylinders appears to explode.

Reports said the fire service was able to put out the fire and carry several cylinders to a safe distance, with the incident causing a significant traffic jam during morning rush-hour.

A pregnant woman was stretchered away into an ambulance and taken to the Shunyi District Hospital.

However, it was unclear at the time of writing whether she had been inside the people carrier at the time.

The owner of the lorry, which was burnt to its sell by the fire, has yet to be identified.

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