Exploding Scooter Battery Sparks Flat Blaze In Alicante

Story By: Amanda MoralesSub-Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

A burning electric scooter which set furniture alight was thrown into the street below together with the other burning items to stop the fire spreading.

The emergency services were called to the residential area in the city of Alicante in the eastern Spanish region of Valencia at around 4.10am on 14th July.

The flat’s two occupants had earlier heard a loud blast in the night that woke them up and they found the electric scooter burning in the living room while flames quickly spread to the sofa.

CEN/ Ayto Alicante

As seen in the images, helping neighbours had thrown the burning items out onto the street by the time the emergency services had arrived.

Firefighters cordoned off the area and evacuated eight people from the affected building while they battled the blaze.

The couple required hospital treatment for smoke inhalation and foot wounds after stepping on broken glass caused by the blast.

CEN/ Ayto Alicante

In addition, one police officer was treated by ambulance workers for smoke inhalation.

Firefighters needed over an hour to battle the flames and later confirmed that it had been caused by the exploding scooter battery.

The fire brigade also said that they have attended several fires in recent months for the same reason and they recommended that scooter owners should not charge the battery out of view at night.

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