Egypt Girl, 10, Wows Pro Artists With Photography And Modelling Snaps

Story By: Basant EssamSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

This 10-year-old Egyptian girl is going places with “many new surprises” on the horizon after wowing professionals with her photography and modelling skills using everyday objects like flowers and books.

Rawda Reda is a fifth grade student but her name is already well-known among thousands of fans and online followers eagerly waiting her latest pictures.

The young girl made her breakthrough on social media when she posted a snap on a photography fan page and was surprised when she received glowing feedback which encouraged her to continue on this path.


Encouraged by the incredible response to her first photo, Rawda started to engage in photography even more and regularly posted her latest snaps online.

She said that every time she posted a new photo, it would get more likes than the previous one, so this prompted her to learn more about photography and how to make adjustments to the pictures.

To make the photos more artistic she uses everyday objects that she loves in life such as flowers, coffee, food, and books.


Many photographers admired the girl’s spontaneity and cheerful spirit and sought to use her in numerous photoshoots, but she does not always rely on a professional photographer to take the images – on the contrary, she takes most herself.

Rawda told Arabic media portal Al-Ain that she began learning photography at the age of nine with the support of her uncle, and she also watched a lot of YouTube videos.

She said her dream is to become a famous actress one day, but she still intends to nurture her passion for photography as it is a big part of her life right now.


She also aspires to travel around Europe and create even more stunning photos in new locations.

Rawda added that she has been recently contacted by many creative directors and briefly announced to her followers: “There are many new surprises coming, but I will not talk about it now.”

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