Drivers Kick And Drag Injured Monkey By Tail To Roadside

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Video Credit: AsiaWire/@animalmalaysia

This is the moment two men grab an injured monkey by the tail and at one point even kick it in order to get it out of the way of traffic so they can get on with their journeys.

The cruel behaviour happened in the middle of a busy road in Bukit Baru, in the Melaka district of Malaysia.

It is believed the monkey was lying in the road because it was injured after being hit by a car, and the two people are believed to have wanted to move the monkey so they can continue with their journeys.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire/@animalmalaysia

The monkey clearly seems to be unable to move on its own, and is lying near the wheel of one of the stopped vehicles when the two men approach it. One of the men then grabs the monkey by the tail, and they also try to shove it in the hope that it might move itself.

They also vent their frustration by at one point kicking the scared monkey, and when they finally succeeded in getting it to the side of the road, they then simply leave it there and head back to their vehicles.

The Malaysia Animal Association wrote: “Moving injured dogs on the road for the convenience of other road users may be something that can be done with good intentions. But it is not the same thing with apes where extra care needs to be taken. If there are no experts around then the best thing to do is to contact the Civilian Defense Force to assist and rescue injured apes on the road. The method of kicking the apes or dragging them by their tails is likely to only cause further physical and mental damage.”

Online commentators were also critical like ‘Hamizah Kamaruddin’ who said: “Maybe they had good intentions but they should have allowed him to move himself slowly because of the pain. If he wasn’t in pain then he would certainly have run away into the bush.”

And ‘CheZ Cheat’ wrote: “We need to expand public awareness of how to deal with animals. It’s just amazing how many people treat them with disgust and irritation. We should all remember that the Earth is not for humans alone.”

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