Driver Slammed For Destroying Flower-Covered Paradise While Drifting

An off-road vehicle driver ruined a stunning ‘sea’ of flowers by driving over them with the wheels churning and leaving visible tyre tracks in the dirt.

Drone-shot footage shows the white off-road vehicle destroying the beautiful pink-coated spring landscape of Yichun, a mountainous prefecture-level city in China’s south-eastern Jiangxi Province.

Many locals expressed their dismay at the sight of the thousands of fallen cherry blossoms which countless Chinese residents anticipate and celebrate over festivals each year, saying the driver was selfish for wrecking the scenery before anyone even had a chance to visit.

An off-road vehicle drifts on the sea of milkvetch flowers beside a reservoir in Shanggao County, Jiangxi Province, China, undated. The motorist of the vehicle was slammed for his act. (AsiaWire)

Local government officials stated that because the incident occurred in a remote area it was difficult to regulate the space.

They promised to communicate with law enforcement agencies for appropriate penalties.