Doc Made Trans Woman Pay For Drink Made Of Female Urine

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A transgender woman who paid a fortune to a recently arrested celebrity doctor for “natural hormone therapy” said she was horrified to discover that it contained urine from other women.

Patient Claudia Krumps, whose age was not given, said she had wanted to report him to police when she found out what she was drinking, but because she could not demonstrate physical harm even though it was disgusting, she had been told she would have little chance of success.

According to reports, a list of celebrity clients of the arrested doctor Ruben Mulhberger includes football legend Diego Maradona, actress Susana Gimenez and singer Charly Garcia.


Mulhberger was arrested at his clinic in the neighbourhood of Retiro in the eastern Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

Krumps so there was no surprise that was arrested based on her experience which has been to sign up for a natural hormone treatment called “orinoterapia” (urine therapy) with Mulhberger.

She said: “The treatment consisted of drinking the urine of women who were not menstruating. When I found out what I was drinking, I asked him about it because I thought it was disgusting.


“Then, I was sent to a second doctor at the clinic and I told her that I was going to report them as I should have been informed of what I was taking.”

She said that an appointment with Mulhberger was “three times more than in any other clinic” and said she had paid a lot of money for stem-cell treatment on her spine at the clinic.

Krumps says she was not injured by the urine treatment so “cannot ask for compensation but I felt humiliated because they made me drink pee and I had to pay a lot”.


According to local media, when Mulhberger was arrested the clinic was found to be operating without the correct licences, some members of his staff did not have the necessary qualifications and it also had out of date medicine.

Local media said that Mulhberger became the go-to doctor for the stars after Argentine actress Moria Casan used him over 10 years ago.

In a recent interview on the TV show ‘Incorrectas’, Mulhberger claimed “I know the cure for COVID-19”, sparking outrage among netizens and medical professionals.


Local media said that Mulhberger is considered a specialist in anti-ageing treatments, skincare and aesthetic surgery.

Following the police raid, his clinic has been closed after it was confirmed it did not have the correct licences for treating patients, according to reports.

He is currently released to house arrest as the investigation continues on the grounds that he is receiving treatment for cancer.


He has reportedly admitted to prosecutors that the documentation for his clinic was not in order, but said it was due to the fact that his illness meant he was unable to properly advise his secretary which resulted in the mixup.

The investigation is ongoing.

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