Diego Maradonas Doctor Says Death Was Suicide

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub-Editor: Joana Mihajlovska, Agency:  Newsflash

One of Diego Maradona’s doctors of 30 years has insisted the football legend’s death was suicide and that he already tried it once before in Cuba.

Dr Alfredo Cahe made the claim on the Argentine radio programme El Giglico broadcast by LS5 Radio Rivadavia on 20th December.

Dr Cahe treated Diego Maradona, 60, for over 30 years as one of his doctors during his playing days.


The doctor revealed a shocking episode involving the football star in Cuba while treating his drug addiction.

He said Maradona was in his car when he drove it towards an oncoming bus, but narrowly missed it at the last moment.

When Dr Cahe confronted the footballer about the incident he asked ‘don’t tell me you are going to kill yourself?’ to which the star responded ‘maybe someday, what do I know’.

He said the statement took him back as he did not consider Maradona to be the kind of person to make such a comment, adding the incident has partly made him believe his passing was “a type of suicide”.

The doctor reiterated his message when he revealed a shocking conversation with one of Maradona’s ex-girlfriends Veronica Ojeda, who is also the mother of one of his biological children.


He said: “Veronica told me ‘you know Diego said he was fed up with living and didn’t want to carry on anymore because he has done everything’.”

Dr Cahe also criticised the care Maradona received, claiming that he should not have been kept at home following his brain surgery and was not given the attention he required by his carers.

He added that he believes Maradona entered into a state of depression following his surgery, spending his days staring at a ceiling or TV screen.

When asked how he thought the suicide could’ve happened, the doctor said he could not be sure but speculated Maradona may have stopped taking his medication or refused to eat.

However, he insisted: “This just does not seem like a simple heart attack to me.”

Maradona died aged 60 in his residence located in the city of Tigre located in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires on 25th November.

His case is currently being investigated by authorities as a possible involuntary manslaughter and his neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque is considered a person of interest in the case.

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