Satanic P0rn Star Shows Off Comically Huge New Lips

Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorJoana Mihajlovska, Agency: Newsflash

The Satanic porn star who founded her own cult and claims to have regular chats with the Devil has caused a stir by having her lips radically boosted again.

Argentine porn star and Playboy model Sabrina Sabrok, who has reportedly undergone at least 53 cosmetic ops in her quest to have “the biggest bum in the world”, posted the images on Instagram for her 838,000 followers.

The 44-year-old recently showed off her new-look lips with the message: “New enormous lips, new intense videos.”


Sabrok, real name Lorena Fabiana Colotta, was promoting her saucy OnlyFans account.

Netizen ‘Joseeduardomirandacruz9’ commented: “Such gorgeous lips for biting, beautiful.”

Other social media users were more critical and comments included “I’m scared to death”, “she doesn’t know when to stop”, and “so strange”.


The Texas resident has a long list of headline-grabbing stunts.

She previously raised eyebrows when she appeared on the US reality TV series ‘Botched’ in September 2020 by requesting a so-called “cat eye” lift.

Celebrity surgeons Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow ended up denying her the op, telling the mother-of-two that she would not be able to fully close her eyes if she went through with it.


In 2019, Sabrok had her face tattooed with occult symbols. “I asked him (tattoo artist Herchell Carrasco) to ink satanic symbols such as stars, the moon and a black widow. I plan to get more tattoos done on my face and neck, I want to cover my entire body,” she said at the time.

Earlier in the same year, Sabrok launched her own cult called ‘Sabrok Legion’, which offers interested parties the chance to make pacts with the Devil and ‘Our Lady of Holy Death’, as well as learn how to cast love charms and speak with the dead.

She told local media: “I was an atheist, but I started to do things with Our Lady of Holy Death and it felt good, so I got into a cult and later had ideas of a satanic church.


“I then set up the ‘Sabrok Legion’ because voices told me to launch a black magic cult linked to Satanism and Saint Death.”

She also claims to be able to parley with Satan himself and that “everything I do is because I made a pact with him”.

Sabrok, who reportedly has Rh negative blood, also claimed that she was an alien, telling local media: “I worked with researchers and they told me that my blood type is not from this planet.”


In 2018, she also expressed her desire to undergo surgery to achieve “the biggest fake bum in the world” to match her enormous breasts.

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