Death-Row Dad Faked His Story, Says Iran In Baffling Claim

Officials in Iran have claimed that the death-row dad who begged to see his baby daughter before he is hanged faked his story.

Photo shows Hasan Firouzi, undated. He was allegedly arrested while fleeing in Iran. (CEN)

Condemned Hassan Firouzi’s story touched the world when he begged to be allowed to see his baby daughter before he is hanged after months of torture.

Hassan’s supporters say he was arrested during an anti-government demonstration and subjected to agonising torture.

Now, in a bizarre twist, judicial officials have claimed he was never arrested and his entire story was faked to discredit the Islamic regime.

Then, just three days later, on 25th January, a government-backed news agency claimed that he had been arrested while trying to flee Iran.

Photo shows Hasan Firouzi, undated. He was allegedly arrested while fleeing in Iran. (CEN)

The agency published photos of a man purported to be Hassan under arrest in an empty plane.

Human rights officials say the regime’s baffling new version of events is intended to discredit worldwide efforts to halt torture and executions Iran.

Hassan last made news when, according to local human rights activists, he became unconscious and unresponsive on 20th January.

The 34-year-old is believed to have been brutally tortured by interrogators at Tehran’s grim Evin Prison.

His left kidney is said to have been destroyed after savage beatings with a chair leg.

He was reportedly remanded in the jail on 26th November on accusations of leading protests, propaganda against the state, and disturbing public security.

A court in the Iranian capital was alleged to have later sentenced him to death by hanging for moharebeh, or waging war against God.

He reportedly fell into a coma after officials denied him access to treatment for his torture injuries.

Hassan was reportedly first seized by security police on 27th October on accusations of having taken part in a street protest in Tehran.

He was reportedly released on bail but arrested again on 26th November, when his infant daughter Hannaneh was only 18 days old.

Photo shows Hasan Firouzi, undated. He was allegedly arrested while fleeing in Iran. (CEN)

He reportedly ended up confessing under duress to being a leader of the anti-government protests.

Leaked images purport to show him with bruises on his face and body following alleged torture at Evin Prison.

His neck was apparently severely bruised from having been strangled with a noose in a mock hanging.

His story went around the world after a heart-wrenching call from Evin Prison in which he begged his supporters to help him see his baby daughter one last time.

He was quoted as having said: “I only have one request from the Iranian people. Do something to help me see my daughter one more time.

“Whether or not I sign confession papers, they will kill me.

“My only wish is to see my daughter one last time. After 10 years, God finally gave us a child. I only got to see her for 18 days (before being arrested for protesting).

Photo shows the Iranian protester Hasan Firouzi, undated. He was reportedly sentenced to death in Iran. (CEN)

“I miss my daughter so much. My only wish is that I get to see my daughter one last time before they kill me.”