Cute Moment Baby Caiman Joins Holidaymakers For Day At Beach And Dip In Sea

This footage shows a small baby caiman taking a dip in the sea as the surf gently rocks it back and forth after it apparently ventured onto a beach packed with stunned tourists.

The first video, filmed by a tourist, shows a caiman making its way onto the sand, stunning beachgoers as an incredulous child can be heard voicing her amazement at the sight.

And the second video shows a caiman, apparently the same one, enjoying a dip with a stunning vista in the background as the surf gently rocks it back and forth by the shore, with the woman filming laughing at the unusual scene.

The incidents reportedly took place on the picture-perfect Praia da Daniela beach in Florianopolis, in southern Brazil’s Santa Catarina state, on Sunday, 14th May.

Carolina Macanhao, the tourist who filmed the images of the caiman enjoying a dip, told local media that she believes that the caiman filmed in both videos is the same one, saying that in both cases the animals were tiny and most likely babies.

Caiman walks on a beach in Florianpolis, Brazil, Sunday, May 14, 2023. The animal went to the sea and then disappeared. (CEN)

She said: “I believe it may be the same one.”

She added: “When I filmed, there weren’t that many people around. It may be that, in a part of the beach that was busier, he appeared, came out of the vegetation, and I found him already swimming in the sea.”

Alex Bergmann, a reptile expert, said the animal was a broad-snouted Caimans (Caiman latirostris), adding that they usually stick to freshwater, although it is not unheard of that they sometimes venture to the coast on go into the sea.

The caiman is understood to have been very young, with adults able to grow up to 2.5 metres (over 8 feet) in length.