Cute Kazakh Twins, 3, Go Viral For Caring For Bedridden Dad With Cerebral Palsy

This footage shows cute three-year-old twins considerately caring for their cerebral-palsy-suffering dad by washing his face and hand-feeding him in his wheelchair.

The videos, which have been widely circulating on social media, show Nurmukhammed Abylkasymov, 43, being looked after by his adorable twins at their home in the city of Kyzylorda in the Kazakh region of the same name.

Footage shows the boy and girl caring for their wheelchair-bound father and carrying out daily tasks such as washing his face and feeding him by hand.

Nurmukhammed Abilkasymov, 43, a disabled father, was pictured together with his three-year-old twins in Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan. (Nurmukhammed Abilkasymov/Newsflash)

Nurmukhammed, who has suffered with cerebral palsy since childhood, said: “The videos were my idea. My wife Aigerim filmed them and my sister Zhuldyz edited them and posted them on social media.”

He added: “However, ill-wishers shared the video on their pages and announced a fundraiser supposedly for me. This made me very angry. I didn’t do it for money.”

The proud father said: “My daughter is very quick and attentive. As soon as I say I’m thirsty, she immediately runs to get a glass of water. My son is not as caring as my daughter, after all, boys like to play more on the street, but if I tell him my arms and legs hurt, he hugs me and massages them a lot.

Nurmukhammed Abilkasymov, 43, a disabled father, was pictured together with his family in Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan. (Nurmukhammed Abilkasymov/Newsflash)

“I am very happy that I have such a nice family.”

Nurmukhammed’s father Kanatbek Abylkasymov said: “Eight years ago, the former akim [head of local government] of the Kyzylorda region, Krymbek Kusherbayev, presented him with a two-room apartment in a new building in the village of Tasbuget. In addition, a house was built for him in his native village of Shirkeyli, Syrdarya district, Kyzylorda region.”

Despite being bedridden since childhood, Nurmukhammed likes to keep active and writes poetry on his mobile phone as well as having authored two books.