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Woman Finds Venomous Cobra In Denim Jacket

Story By: Lee Bullen, Sub-Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@stripper_oprah

This is the shocking moment a highly-venomous cobra slithers on a woman’s bedroom floor after she found it inside the denim jacket she was about to put on.

The Cape cobra (Naja nivea), also called the yellow cobra, was removed by snake handlers at the woman’s home in St Helena Bay in the south-western South African province of Western Cape.

The video was posted on social media by netizen ‘Fillip Sklodowska’s Cat’ who wrote: “When you’re casually packing your bag, pick up your denim jacket and a massive f*cking Cape cobra just flops out onto the floor. If this is the start of my 2019…”

She added that she has “never screamed so much in my life”.

Snake specialists Shaun Kruger and Stefan Cronje arrived at the property to remove the 6.6-foot-long, highly-venomous cobra, as seen in the footage.

Woman Finds Venomous Cobra In Denim Jacket
Woman Finds Venomous Cobra In Denim Jacket
Woman Finds Venomous Cobra In Denim Jacket
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Picture Credit: CEN

Cronje told local media that the Cape cobra was resting under the bed when he arrived and was “very calm”.

The snake expert had to poke the cobra with a hook to get it to come out and added that it “did not show any signs of aggression”.

Kruger and Cronje reportedly collected another Cape cobra from another traumatised resident’s home on the way back and then released both snakes into the wild.

They told local media that they had once dealt with the case of a man who went to sit on the toilet and peered down to see it slithering in the bowl.