Customs Foil Plan To Smuggle Gold Melted Down As Dentures

An airport passenger who tried to smuggle thousands of pounds worth of gold through by giving himself a massive pair of golden gnashers has been arrested.

Customs officials found that the unidentified man had a huge block of gold moulded into dentures and then added a golden chain which he also put in his mouth for good measure.

Together the gold found in the bungled attempt at avoiding paying import taxes was worth nearly GBP 4,000.

The Uzbek national had just landed in Delhi, Indian, on a flight from Dubai when officials caught him allegedly trying to smuggle the 95 grams of gold in his mouth at the Indira Gandhi International Airport yesterday (13th September).

The man was arrested alongside a countryman who was also not named but is believed to have been involved in the smuggling attempt.

The local news site National News reports that the customs agents became suspicious of the two men as they walked towards the ‘nothing to declare isle’ on their way to leave the airport in Delhi.

The officials called the pair over and noticed that one of the men had a golden smile and on closer examination found his mouth stuffed with gold.

In total, he had 95 grams of gold worth AED 20,200 (GBP 3,936) stashed in his mouth.

The officials seized the gold and found that not only did the suspect have golden dentures he had also crammed a gold chain into his mouth.

The authorities believe that the two men were trying to avoid paying customs charges and taxes on the gold.

The gold has been seized and an investigation into the two suspects has been launched.

It is not clear if the suspects are being held by the authorities whilst the investigation is carried out.