Crazed Half-Naked Bleeding Man Smashes Up Taxi

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a crazed half-naked man with blood apparently on his shoulder and hands jumps up and down on the roof of a taxi before hurling himself at the cabbie.

The bizarre incident was filmed in the district of Konak in the eastern Turkish province of Izmir and shared on social media.

According to taxi driver Yilmaz Demir, the unnamed man is a drug addict.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The stunned cabbie was reportedly stuck in traffic when the young man started hitting his taxi as well as himself.

The driver moved away from his vehicle and the suspected drug addict jumped on the roof while apparently not wearing anything on his feet and upper body.

He then started jumping up and down on the roof and tore off objects that he then threw at passersby.

Onlookers managed to restrain the man until the police arrived and he was then taken to a nearby hospital, according to reports.

It is currently unclear whether the local authorities are investigating the man.

In the footage, the half-naked man is seen dancing around the taxi’s roof in an apparent panic attack.

As he throws an object on the ground, blood appears to be on his right shoulder and hands.

He then hurls himself at a man in a black T-shirt who climbed onto the bonnet to confront him, possibly Demir.

The man is then restrained by a group of residents.

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