Crash-For-Cash Scammer Throws Himself On Car

Story By:Scott Feng, Sub-Editor: Jamie King,Agency:Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

A driver has shared a suspected con man’s outrageous ‘crash-for-cash’ attempt as he sprints towards his car and throws himself against it.

The defrauding technique known in China as ‘peng ci’ – to ‘touch porcelain’ – usually involves elaborate and well-timed fake accident, but this attempt had neither.

The video from an unidentified Chinese city shows the motorist arriving at a crossroads where the suspected scam artist is waiting by a zebra crossing with a bicycle.

As the man sees the car coming, he throws down his yellow bicycle and dashes headlong towards the approaching vehicle.

The driver, who was not going at speed, spots the man and immediately brakes, putting distance between him and the crash-for-scam con man.

But this does not stop the scammer as he launches himself towards the car, slamming against the bonnet and collapsing onto the ground.

The dramatic crash-for-cash attempt is caught fully on camera and nearby witnesses appear to have seen it too, leaving the con man with little chance of success.

However, reports did not say whether the motorist went to the police with the evidence.

Social media user ‘D77’ said: “The bar for peng ci scams are at an all-time low these days.”

Picture Credit: AsiaWire