Couple Sent Flying By Flip-Flop Wearing Cadillac Driver

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a flip-flop wearing Cadillac driver muddles up the pedals and veers onto the pavement sending an unsuspecting couple flying.

Cadillac salon owner Ren, 23, who was identified by his surname, was found to have been donning a pair of Supreme flip-flops at the time of the crash at 7:02pm local time on 9th June.

Traffic camera footage from the city of Taicang in China’s eastern Jiangsu Province shows Ren turning onto Shanghai West Road when he loses control of his car.

The young man appears to make too big of a turn and, when he tries to correct it, inexplicably speeds off towards the couple standing on the pavement.

The married couple, identified as Mr and Ms Wang, 57 and 56, are sent flying into a row of parked bicycles.

Fortunately, the pair survived the accident, with the Cadillac crashing to a stop against a tree.

Taicang police say Mr Wang suffered multiple fractures as well as cerebral haemorrhaging, while his wife was hospitalised with a broken shoulder.

Neither are in any life-threatening condition.

The Cadillac owner was not harmed.

Policeman Ling Yong said: “According to the driver’s statement, he had just come out of his residential area and made a turn, but it was too wide and he was about to crash into another car.

“When he tried to correct the turn, he mistook the accelerator for the brake and crashed onto the pavement.”

Ren, who is not suspected of drink-driving or drug abuse, faces charges for dangerous driving but may also be punished for driving with the wrong footwear.

Officer Ling added: “Traffic regulations forbid the wearing of flip-flops, sandals, or driving barefoot.”

It is unclear how badly Ren’s Cadillac was damaged.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire