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Couple Probed Over Randy Antics While Driving Car

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This young couple are being probed after footage of them passionately snogging while driving their car through traffic was shared on Facebook.

A collage of clips of the couple kissing and cuddling at the wheel while driving in the Philippines has caught the attention of officials at the country’s Department of Transportation.

They reposted the video on social media with a stern warning – and also revealed they had asked traffic cops to investigate the couple who could now face charges.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Apparently taken by a dashcam facing back into the car, the series of clips show the amorous couple apparently carried away at the wheel – without even wearing seatbelts.

They are seen kissing and fondling each other while driving through traffic – often with their hands and eyes on each other rather than on the steering wheel and the road.

Sometimes, they managed to park up by the side of the road or pull into a car park before getting carried away with their passions.

But at other times they are seen kissing and cuddling while driving through busy traffic – and even once while travelling along a motorway.

A Department of Transportation spokesman commented on Facebook: “Excuse me, Ma’am and Sir. We don’t want to be killjoys and ruin your sweet moments. We understand you love each other. BUT, WE LOVE YOU TOO, AND WE WANT YOU TO BE SAFE.

“Because of that, we want to warn you… it’s ok to be sweet to each other as long as you’re in the right place and in the right way.

“REMEMBER: When you’re driving, you should focus on the road, not on the person you are with.”

The spokesman also said he had asked the Land Transportation Office, which is responsible for enforcing the country’s traffic laws, to investigate the video.

The video and ensuing controversy sparked a lively debate on social media where most online commentators urged the couple to find a more suitable time and place.

‘Ernesto P Derecho Jr’: “Just take care.. There’s time at home or another place.. not on the road.. Accidents can happen in an instant, you don’t know if you’ll live or die.”

‘Naomi Napila’: “Am I the only one waiting for them to get hit? Hahaha, it’s very morbid, but it’s too bad, sometimes accidents happen because the driver is distracted.”

But ‘Jasper De Leon’: “There are just a lot of people who are jealous” while ‘Gero Villaluz’ joked: “Please use a condom. Safety first! I mean seatbelts…”

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