Cops Shoot And Kill Stabbing Suspect To Save Elderly Victim

This dramatic footage shows cops in Arizona shooting and killing a suspect who reportedly stabbed two women and kept assaulting one of them as they arrived.

The incident began when officers with the Phoenix Police Department responded to a report about a stabbing taking place in a residential area in Phoenix on 6th March.

Multiple calls alerted the police to the incident at a home on 4100 W. Alta Vista Rd.

Upon arrival, officers found an injured elderly woman lying in front of the house.

Inside, the suspect was seen holding two knives while kneeling behind another injured woman.

Despite several police commands, the suspect continued to assault the woman, leading an officer to fire his rifle and strike the man.

The elderly victim was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, while the second injured woman later died at the hospital.

The suspect was pronounced dead on the scene, and additional knives were seized as evidence.

The investigation is ongoing.