Cops Find Huge Nazi Memorabilia Collection In Home Of Suspected Child Rap1st

Brazilian cops have found a huge collection of Nazi memorabilia including 12 Nazi uniforms and a painting by Hitler in the home of a man they arrested for the attempted rape of a 12-year-old boy.

Countless Nazi items as well as nine weapons including pistols, revolvers and rifles were found at the home of Aylton Proenca Doyle Linhares, age not stated, in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.

Cops arrested the suspect at his home in the neighbourhood of Vargem Grande in the West Zone of the city on Tuesday, 5th October.

Document linked toa Nazi Party with a photo of Aylton Proenca Doyle Linhares who was arrested in Vargem Grande in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (PCRJ/CEN)

On searching the residence, officers were surprised to find a huge collection of Nazi memorabilia.

The collection included 12 Nazi uniforms, flags, a painting by Adolf Hitler, 1950s newspaper clippings about Nazism and fascism, medals from the Third Reich, models of statues and vehicles, a military helmet, and an SS document with the suspect’s photo.

The investigation into Linhares began when his neighbour reported him to the police for the alleged attempted rape of a 12-year-old boy in their housing block.

The police found several Nazi items, uniforms and weapons in the house of Aylton Proenca Doyle Linhares in Vargem Grande in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. (PCRJ/CEN)

Not only is the suspect expected to be charged with attempted rape, he will now also be charged with illegal firearm possession and racial discrimination, the crime under which glorification of Nazism is prosecuted in Brazil.

Nazism in Brazil began before World War II, when the Nazi Party made political propaganda to attract militants among members of the German community, which dates to around 1824.

Linhares remains in temporary custody as the investigation into his alleged crimes continues.