Asian UN Peace Delegation Told To Take Virus And Go Home

Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-Editor: Alex Cope, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN

This video shows the moment a UN peace delegation visiting Europe to teach children about tolerance are verbally abused and accused of being infected with the coronavirus.

The man abusing them apparently believes they are tourists and because they appear to be Asian, has decided they are Chinese, and he recorded himself demanding to know if they were infected and then telling them to leave.

The footage shows the small group of smartly dressed Asian individuals being verbally attacked and sworn at in bad English by the man, after being accused of being infected with the coronavirus.

Picture Credit: CEN

The footage was shot in the North Macedonian capital Skopje and was widely shared online showing how the supposedly “Chinese” citizens were being insulted while nobody did anything.

The footage was shot by the person who was making abusive comments, and was shot at close range as the Asian visitors remain quiet and do not react to the insults.

The man says: “Coronavirus, hey China, leave here, get lost. Corona, yes you, f*ck you.”

He then continues: “Here are the Corona people, do you have Corona? F*ck you.”

The group silently observe but do nothing to retaliate, and seem to be attempting to carry on their conversation.

The video was uploaded to social media where instead of the man gaining praise for his stance as he no doubt hoped he was widely criticised.

‘posleDIKnaPIK ‘ said: “This is a disaster … urgent apology at the state level.”

And ‘OffDutyComedian’ added: “I was embarrassed just by looking at this. Who is this fool to proclaim and condemn publicly?”

‘KatttP’ added: “Wow shame, I can’t believe this happened.”

And ‘jungle_dancer’ said: “WTF !? How can anyone be so disgusting and uncivilised!?”

The people that were verbally abused were later identified as representatives of a United Nations NGO in Macedonia that were taking part in a workshop with elementary school children on the subject of peace, tolerance and mutual respect.

It was not revealed what their nationality was.

Apparently many public figures reacted to the video, including Skopje Mayor Petre Shilegov, who condemned the footage and demanded punishment for the perpetrator.

The mayor has invited the UN visitors to his office to apologise for the unpleasant act of the video shooter.

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