Cop Probed For Taking Sick Selfie At Car Plunge Accident

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This police officer is being probed after taking a selfie at the scene of a traffic accident where a driver plunged into a canal and drowned.

Local media report the officer, named as Alejandro, took the selfie at a canal Timoteo Lozano Boulevard in the city of Leon, in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato after a vehicle became semi-submerged in the water.

Reports state a bus driver, who has not been named, was driving his own car to work when he lost control of the vehicle and it ended up in the canal which had been swollen by heavy rainfall.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

The driver is said to have been swept away by the current and drowned in the accident but in the picture the police officer, in inform, can be seen smiling with a vehicle, believed to be the deceased bus driver’s, sticking out of the water behind him.

The Secretary of Public Security informed that an administrative process had been started in order to sanction the behaviour of the officer, writing in a statement: “The officer, named Alejandro, commissioner to the Municipal Police Direction, made a bad decision in an improper moment, which is against the values and service vocation demanded by good work in public security.”

The statement also lamented the behaviour of the officer and apologised for those who felt offended by his actions. It is unclear if the officer has yet been sanctioned.

The picture has caused outrage among netizens who criticised the cop’s behaviour, such as ‘Neyi Lopez’ who said: “What if his brother was there, would he do the same? Such a lack of respect”.

And ‘Erik Dh’ commented: “He deserves a sanction as he is the culprit for his bad behaviour.”

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