Clubber Holds Wake In His Favourite Nightspot

This is the bizarre moment a woman dances around a man’s open coffin during his dying wish to have his wake in his favourite nightclub.

Darwin Oswaldo Bernal Robles, nicknamed ‘Vinegar’, had insisted on holding the bash at the club he’d had to give up when he fell ill, reports local media in La Union, El Salvador.

In video footage of the party one woman is seen salsa-ing around his white open casket to deafening music for more than two minutes.

As she circles to coffin gyrating her hips photographs of Darwin are projected onto a giant screen behind her.

The DJ says: “Well, that’s how we say goodbye to the ‘Vinegar King’, our friend Darwin. It’s not goodbye, but see you soon.”

Woman dances by a coffin in a nightclub in La Union in El Salvador, undated. Darwin Oswaldo Bernal Robles’s wish was that, when he died, his coffin would be taken to the place. (CEN)

Darwin’s family said only that he died of a long-running chronic disease.

It was his last wish, says local media, to have a party at his favourite club with all his friends and family.

His remains were later buried in the general cemetery of the municipality on Sunday, 12th November.