NOT THE MARRYING MIND: Chinese Mother Has 38-Year-Old Son Taken To Shrink For Not Being Wed

This footage shows a 38-year-old man who has been taken to a psychiatrist by his mum convinced that he had mental problems because he was not yet married.

The video clip was taken when the mum and son visited the psychiatrist in northern China for his mental well-being to be questioned after he remained unmarried.

The man said that the visits now in their fourth year became somewhat of a family tradition every time he turned up to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and remain single.

The bachelor – named Mr Wang in local media in Xinxiang, in China’s Henan province, said he was happy to go along and have his mother reassured that there was nothing wrong with him even if he did need to do it every year.

He said she felt that not having a wife at his age was a sign that there was something wrong with his mind.

Picture shows the mother and her 38-year-old son, undated. She took him to a mental examination for not being married in Xinxiang, Henan in China, undated. (WF06121012/AsiaWire)

Mr Wang apparently decided to make the best of it and shared a video on Douyin – China’s TikTok – captioned: “About the fact that my mother took me to see a mental illness expert because I am almost 40 years old and not married.”

In the video, when Mr Wang asked his mother “what disease to look into”, she bluntly answered with “mental illness”.

Mr Wang claimed that he is not a non-marriage advocate, but simply has no time to date because of his long working hours as a tennis instructor.

And he believes he still needs to save more money before he is able to settle down.

But it seems his mum refuses to believe that is all there is to it, so she has him examined every year that he comes to visit without a girlfriend.

Mother takes her 38-year-old son to mental examination for not being married in Xinxiang, Henan in China, undated. (WF06121012/AsiaWire)

Mr Wang said: “In rural areas, my age is indeed too old [for marriage], and my mother often has trouble sleeping because of this.

“I also feel quite guilty. Going to the hospital for an examination is also to reassure her.”

At the end of the video, Mr Wang joked: “The doctor diagnosed me as fine, but my mother is sick.”