Club Wins Championship After Massive 43-1 Final Match

The Hungarian Under-14 League has come under scrutiny after a team who needed to win by 42 goals to secure the title won their final encounter 43-1.

Kerekeghyazi SE, who was second in the league, needed to pull off the tremendous feat to come out on top, with the match results stunning football fans, local media and netizens.

The youth football team needed to beat Myklosi Gyfe by 42 goals to take the top spot after their opponents triumphed in their previous match.

They reportedly pulled off the feat, securing the 42 goals they needed to put them ahead in the match they played against Palmonostora in the U14 championship.

The coach of the Miklos team told local media they were already celebrating their championship win in the dressing room when the referee came in and announced the result of the other match, leaving everyone stunned.

According to Balint Erdos, 44 goals scored during 80 minutes of playing time is not realistic.

And a number of allegations of match-fixing and other malpractices have been made by fans, with the authorities now ordering a detailed investigation, according to local media reports.