Civil Servants Have Brutal Fight In Middle Of Butchers

Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News 

Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment two civil servants have a fistfight in the middle of a supermarket as one of their young sons looks on.

The fight took place in a butcher’s shop in the city of Puerto Madryn in the Chubut Province in southern Argentina and was caused by a workplace dispute.

In the video, prosecutor Ismael Cerda can be seen in the shop with his young son when inspector Leonardo Paredes approaches him.

Picture Credit : CEN

Cerda the throws a punch at Paredes’ face and the pair begin fighting. An unnamed third man grabs Cerda from behind the pulls him to the floor.

The brawl continues before staff step in and the men are separated. Cerda’s son is led away from the scene by an onlooker before his dad picks him up.

Cerda told local media: “I tried to ignore him until I asked him if he had a problem as I practically have no relationship with him, then he approached me and spat at my face causing an instinctive reaction from me and I automatically began to receive blows from behind.

Video Credit: CEN

“Before being a prosecutor, I was a police officer and the Chief of the Tecka Police. This person replaced me in the position and shortly after he was denounced for accepting bribes. Obviously, he thinks that I made that complaint and he took it personally.”

Head of the local police Victor Hugo Acosta did not confirm Cerda’s version of events and told local media: “This has a personal background which has to do with their disagreements in other matters but not with their work function.

“This has nothing to do with judicial or police issues. The two people were graduation partners at the Police School because the prosecutor was a police officer.”

Reports said Paredes has been temporarily suspended while the case is being investigated.

Both men reportedly filed complaints after the fight.

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