Chinese Dad Sucks Snot Out Of Congested Babys Little Nose

This is the moment a Chinese dad sucks the snot out of his baby daughter’s congested nose and spits out the mucus into a tissue.

The incident was filmed in the city of Yichun in the Chinese province of Jiangxi on 8th December and the footage has been widely shared on the social network Douyin.

According to the news site Weibo, the baby girl had a cold and was unable to breathe well.

Dad sucks with mouth baby’s runny nose in Yichun, China. (20180907WG/AsiaWire)

The parents gave the baby some medicine, but nothing changed and the poor tot was having difficulty sleeping.

To help his baby daughter, the father came up with the idea of unblocking her nose by sucking out the mucus.

That night, he reportedly sucked discharge from the baby’s nose around 10 times and helped to clear up her congestion.

Dad sucks with mouth baby’s runny nose in Yichun, China. (20180907WG/AsiaWire)

In the footage, the young dad is seen puckering up around his baby’s little nose and apparently sucking out the snot.

He then spits the discharge into a tissue and wipes his mouth as the baby murmurs and groans.

The mother said she was moved that her husband would do such a thing for their daughter, adding that he has deep love for his baby girl and thought nothing of helping her in this way.