Fake Uganda Police Chief Goes Viral In Covid Curfew Rant

Story ByMichael Leidig, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News


A viral video reportedly showing Uganda’s chief of police has been exposed as a fake created by a Seattle-based YouTuber.

The video has notched up over two million views online showing the so-called police chief ranting about Uganda’s breaking curfew rules between 5am and 7pm.

In the video, he can be seen losing his cool shouting: “We have a pandemic. Coronavirus is a pandemic. Parents, can you f*cking get your kids out from the street.”

CEN/Sering Thiapathioly

He adds: “I cannot just understand what the f*ck is wrong with some of you.”

He added he was so angry he wanted to grab people breaking curfew by the nuts and squeeze them.

But a quick check online reveals that the real police chief of Uganda, Martin Okoth Ochola, looks considerably older and nothing like the fresh-faced, bald-headed man with perfect English seen in the video.

The photograph of the real police chief also shows that the uniform in Uganda is dark blue, and not the khaki colour that the man in the viral video is wearing. Eagle-eyed viewers also noticed that he had the flag of the United States briefly appearing as he turns one of his shoulders.

CEN/Sering Thiapathioly

The video actually first appeared online on 30th March YouTube channel owned by Seattle-based Sering Thiapathioly who is a YouTuber who specialises in drug videos and has been an enthusiastic commentator on the coronavirus pandemic.

Further proof that it is really Sering Thiapathioly comes in the fact that he has also posted other videos of himself in police garb, including one where he messages all Americans praising the work of Donald Trump.