Celeb Sexologist Before And After 60-Kg Weight Loss

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

A celebrity sexologist has shared these before and after snaps showing how slim her figure became after shedding over 60 kilograms.

Alessandra Rampolla was massively overweight but then she had gastric bypass surgery to make her slim and now she is 45 she shared this throwback with her fans who have been supportive.

The Puerto Rican beauty, who has starred in her own sex show on Cosmopolitan TV and is widely popular in Argentina, shared the photo from 12 years ago with her army of 440,000 online followers.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@alessandrampolla & CEN

She wrote under the photo: “This is my other version, now I have a healthy weight and I am blessed. We should take care of ourselves.”

The picture received more than 48,600 likes and was widely commented on by netizens, such as ‘curunob’ who said: “You are divine. Before and now.”

And ‘male1306’ added: “You look super great, but I promise people do not remember you for your body, but because you are super good at what you do.”

The sexologist turned 45 in March and frequently shares photos of her slim figure in bikinis with her fans.

The TV host remembered herself as “the healthy fatty” when she arrived on Argentine television in 2006 with a program about sex broadcast by the TV channel El Trece.

Two years later, she decided to undergo the gastric bypass because she wanted to become a mother.

She told local media: “Of course I was also motivated to myself look good, but it was not my priority, it was not an aesthetic decision. My health was starting to be affected due to my weight, although there were no risks.

“I did not feel fine with the idea of looking to get pregnant if I was not well and I could not make my body the best vehicle to give life.”

Twelve years after the surgery that changed her life, the sexologist claimed that when she looks in the mirror she sees “a healthy woman”. 

She says she does not follow any particular diet but she tries to eat healthily and control her portion sizes, adding: “When I feel my trousers are tighter I stop eating cookies.”

In 2011, she had lost 30 kilograms and she got divorced from her husband John Hernandez after seven years together and she is yet to become a mother.

The crisis started due to a conflict in interest with where they wanted to live. Local media report Hernandez wanted to start a family in Puerto Rico, while she wanted a career in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

Rampolla, who describes herself as a feminist, is currently single and says “people ask me more about sex than how I managed to lose weight”. She says some people did not recognise her after her dramatic weight loss.