Casillas Could Retire To Become Spanish FA President

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyGolder’s News And Sport

Former Real Madrid superstar Iker Casillas is reportedly considering retiring and running to be the president of Spanish football’s governing body in elections set to take place in March.

The news was reported by sports journalist Juan Antonio Alcala, 48, during radio programme ‘El Partidazo’ broadcast by Spanish radio station COPE where he said Casillas could run for the presidency of the Royal Federation of Spanish Football (RFEF).

Picture Credit: Golders/@ikercasillas

Alcala broke the news saying: “I know it sounds like a practical joke but it is not. The RFEF elections set to take place in March could be Luis Rubiales against Iker Casillas.”

Current RFEF President Luis Rubiales has been in the top-position since 2018 after the federation’s former president Angel Maria Villar was arrested for corruption charges which prompted extraordinary elections.

Alcala explained La Liga president Javier Tebas, 57, is the architect of former Real Madrid goalkeeper Casillas’ potential run in the elections as Tebas and Rubiales reportedly have a bad relationship.

Picture Credit: Golders/@ikercasillas

Alcala said: “A few weeks ago Javier Tebas spoke with Iker Casillas in Portugal and asked him to step forward for the elections of the Spanish football federation.

“It would imply his permanent retirement as a professional footballer which is something Iker is thinking about.

“Sources say that from now to Easter, he might make an announcement on social media. It would be his farewell to the pitch and a step towards becoming a director in the world of football.”

When asked about what Casillas, 38, himself thought about the situation, Alcala said: “He is thinking about it.

“People are encouraging him and others are telling him to be cautious. The elections for the Royal Federation of Spanish Football are difficult to win.”

Local media report Rubiales may call the elections for the second fortnight of March which will decide the next president of the RFEF for the next four years.

Casillas has not played an official match since suffering a heart attack during a training session in early May 2019 however he continues to contribute to Porto by acting as a player liaison officer with the backroom staff.

He was reportedly fitted with a coronary stent, a tube-shaped device placed in the coronary arteries to supply blood to the heart and keep the arteries open during the treatment of heart disease.

Despite experts claiming his career would be over after the operation, Casillas is reportedly continuing to train training to try and make a return later in the year.

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