Woman Throws Fruit Peel At Littering Driver

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This viral video with over six million views shows the moment a woman driver gets out her car and throws a fruit peel into a neighbouring vehicle after a passenger threw it onto the road at the lights.

The amusing clip, which is now being widely shared on social media, was taken on Jinhan Highway in China’s northern municipality of Tianjin.

The video shows a white hatchback stopped at the lights when the fruit peel flies out the passenger side window and lands on the ground next to the car.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The unidentified woman driver then gets out her red car, picks the fruit peel up, and throws it furiously back into the window at the littering passenger.

She then climbs back in her car, seemingly without saying a word, as the video ends.

A man surnamed Li, who was behind both cars, recalled: “The white car was stopped at the lights with its windows down.

“The passenger threw rubbish out the window. He did it twice, and the second time the woman got out her car and threw it back.

“The owner of the white car appeared to say something, but because the woman seemed very fierce, he didn’t say much else and both drove off when the lights turned green.”

Li said the woman driver was “very brave”.

Social media user ‘Nanfengyi’ said: “That was incredibly satisfying to watch.”

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