CAR-BURN FIBRE: Luxury GBP 200k McLaren Torched In Minutes

This is the moment a GBP-200,000 McLaren sports car burns to ashes in the street as other drivers ignore it completely.

The blaze – on a busy street in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – was filmed by a passer-by as flames quickly engulfed the 200mph super car.

But as flames take a hold of the car’s carbon fibre bodywork, other motorists barely bother to look as they drive within feet of the inferno.

The blaze was eventually put out by local firefighters.

Photo shows a luxury car after it burned in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, undated video. It was reported that no one intervened to put the fire out until firefighters came. (@SaudiDCD/CEN)

Nobody was reportedly injured in the fire, and it was not clear how the blaze started or what happened to the driver.