Cabin Crews Being Retrained To Help Nurses In Hospitals

Story ByMichael Leidig, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

Picture Credit: CEN

Cabin crews left out of work by the coronavirus lockdown are being retrained to work in hospitals in Singapore.

This week the first batch of 29 Singapore Airlines staff went into work serving meals and caring for patients saying they want to make a contribution instead of sitting home while air traffic was completely stopped.

Meera Selliah, 36, who is one of the stewardesses now working in the hospitals told local media: “As I have been trained by Singapore Airlines to provide excellent care and service to passengers on board, I can use this opportunity to contribute to society.”

Picture Credit: CEN

She added that although she had more space to move around then on the aeroplane, it was essentially the same service where she was answering belts and providing a service.

The cabin crews will mostly be put into low-risk wards helping to take the workload away from nurses by carrying out basic tasks including the feeding of patients.

They had to go through a five day indoctrination and training including testing for any illnesses and vaccinations for diseases like hepatitis B, chickenpox, and seasonal influenza.

The training involved teaching them to monitor vital signs, how to feed patients who have difficulty eating, learning medical terminology and basic equipment, and other details involving the care of patients.

Picture Credit: CEN

They have also been promised proper protective equipment so they can operate safely in the low-risk wards where they will be operating.

The move was welcomed by hospital managers who said they were struggling to meet demand and that basic caregiving needs to go on even when nurses were struggling with serious medical issues.

Many medical staff have been diverted to care for COVID 19 related patients, leaving the risk of neglect for those in other less risky awards.

Picture Credit: CEN

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