Cabbie Punches Young GF To Ground In Public Row

Story By: Ana Lacasa, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/Caqueta Noticias

This is the moment a young woman who threw what seemed to be a stone at her taxi driver boyfriend’s car is punched in the face in broad daylight.

The startling incident occurred in the town of San Vicente del Caguan in the southern Colombian department of Caqueta and was recorded by an onlooker.

In the video, a woman in a pink skirt can be seen arguing with a burly taxi driver who is reportedly her boyfriend. 

Picture Credits: CEN/Caqueta Noticias

The pair are arguing on the pavement in front of dozens of onlookers when the man gets into his taxi.

The woman continues shouting at him and then throws an object which appears to be a stone or a rock at the taxi which infuriates the cabby.

He gets out of the vehicle before storming towards the woman, catching up with her and grabbing in front of the onlookers.

The woman manages to get out of his grasp and the taxi driver responds by aiming two punches at her face, one of them connecting and sending her crashing to the ground.

The onlookers remain motionless as the taxi driver walks away back towards his car.

The woman gets to her feet and can be seen holding her head as she continues speaking to her attacker before he gets into the taxi.

Neither the taxi driver nor the victim have been named in reports and it is unclear if a police investigation has been launched.

Netizen ‘Doroteo Cruz Garcia’ said: “There is no man there to defend the woman.”

And ‘Andres Garcia’ commented: “Her relatives should have been more aware of people like this, to avoid events like this, I do not justify it, but I do not blame him, everybody can react in different ways.”