Bungling Woman Crashes Into Gate Sending Guard Flying

Story By: Scott Feng, Sub-Editor: Francis George, Agency: Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a woman driver muddles up the pedals beneath her feet and sends a security guard flying when she crashes into a steel gate he was trying to open for her.

Surveillance footage from outside a factory in Shenzhen City in South China’s Guangdong Province shows the woman’s SUV turning off a busy road towards the entrance.

The security guard, who has not been named in reports, walks into view and is moments away from reaching the centre of the two gates to open them when the accident happens.

Picture Credits: AsiaWire

The woman behind the wheel suddenly speeds up and crashes into one of the steel gates, which flies open and slams into the unsuspecting security guard, who is sent flying out of camera shot.

The panicking woman, who witnesses say mistook her accelerator pedal for the brake when trying to stop in front of the gate, continues driving and stops in the factory car park before getting out to check on the victim.

Reports say the guard suffered intracranial haemorrhaging and was later declared brain dead while undergoing surgery at Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital in the provincial capital.

He has since been transferred to the Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital while further investigations continue.