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Brazilian Police Help Deliver Newborn Inside Car

Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorLee Bullen, Agency: Newsflash

This heartwarming video shows police officers in Sao Paulo tending to a newborn baby they had just assisted delivering inside a car.


The video footage was posted by the Sao Paulo Military Police to their Facebook page on Sunday 4th October.

On its official blog, the force informed readers that the birth had taken place earlier on the same day, when officers were called out to a car in a street in the state capital of Sao Paulo, where a woman was at work.

“Immediately the team arrived at the location, and…realised that the baby was being born, and they helped to bring a beautiful boy into the world.”


They also posted a photo of a male and female officer, both in face masks, posing with the chubby-cheeked newborn.

The social media video has racked up hundreds of likes and tens of comments, such as netizen ‘Lucia Oliveira’ wrote on Facebook: “Well done, warriors; you are the population’s guardian angels.”

‘Luzia Milani’ commented: “Well done, police officers, brave warriors. And there are still those who throw rocks at the police. May God protect you from all danger.”


‘Margarene Montalvao’, on the other hand, wrote: “The number of births assisted by the military police is going up a lot. This is worrying. This shows that pregnant women are taking ever longer to get to hospitals when they are due.”

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