UK Ban Pro-Putin Russian Madonna Wows In Saucy Bikini

Story By: Amelia Guran, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Russia’s most popular songstress – who activists wanted to ban from performing in Britain for her reported pro-Putin leanings – has wowed fans in these sexy bikini snaps.

Valeriya, 51, – known in the international media as the ‘Madonna of Moscow’ is seen sitting on beach towels on a pebble stone beach in her bikini.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@valeriya

The 51-year-old whose real name is Alla Perfilova sat still for a snap meant to show that not everything on Facebook needs to be perfect.

The singer has been travelling extensively around the world recently together with her husband and producer, Joseph Prigogine, nicknamed Shrek because of his bald head. The trip has included stopovers in Iceland and Switzerland.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@valeriya

The trip was included time with their son, Artemy Shulgin, and now they are on holiday in France where this snap was taken beside a lake.

She wrote: “On a wild beach by the lake. Without photoshop and filters. Life is what it is. I am the way I am.”

Many fans approved and praised how young Valerya looked like Alina Marina who wrote: “You look great, well done. Strong-willed woman who knows how to achieve her own beauty, and without the help of surgeons.”

Mark Diel write: “Perfect. Your figure is very beautiful. I can’t even believe that you are 51 years old. ”

However others accused her of still trying to manipulate things in the supposedly candid photo.

Misha Ruslik wrote: “Valerya, when you pose, you don’t have to suck in your stomach so much, it’s very noticeable,”

Ana Khayrulin write: “Why is your stomach so drawn in? You are so beautiful anyway.”

The Daily Telegraph once described her as London’s most famous pop singer when she launched her English album “Out of Control”.

Meanwhile, The Guardian reported that there was a campaign to ban her from performing at the Royal Albert Hall in 2014 for her supposed pro-Putin leanings.

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