Brazilian Composer Killed By Son’s Pit Bull

These horrific images show how a Brazilian composer was mauled to death by a pit bull.

Joo dos Santos Ferreira, 71, poses in undated photo. He was killed by a pit-bull in Quintino, in the North Zone of Rio, Brazil. (Newsflash)

The vicious attack took place in the garden of a house in Rio de Janeiro on the morning of 23rd May.

Victim Joao dos Santos Ferreira was 71 years old and composed for the popular samba school Academicos do Salgueiro.

Military Police officers and firefighters were called to the scene to stop the attack.

After the police officers shot the dangerous dog dead, the firefighters rushed to check on Joao but could only pronounce him dead.

Grim images show how he was left covered in bite marks and soaked in his own blood following the attack.

The Civil Police are now investigating the incident and will interview the victim’s son, who reportedly owned the dog.

Picture shows the pit-bull in undated photo. It was killed after the attack in Quintino, in the North Zone of Rio, Brazil. (Newsflash)

Fellow composer and singer Liesbeth Nunes told local media: “He contributed a lot to the culture of samba and carnival, much loved by all of us at Salgueiro. A very joyful and talented guy.

“The poets of the academy and the president of the wing are shocked because he was at Salgueiro’s feijoada [culinary event] on Sunday and at the party on Saturday.”

According to local media, Joao won a prize in 2013 for a samba-enredo – a sub-genre of samba – that he had composed about cinema titled “Enredo Fama”.

He will be buried at the Sao Francisco Xavier Cemetery this afternoon (24th May).

In Brazil, some cities and states have implemented breed-specific legislation, which restricts or bans the ownership of certain breeds, including pit bulls.