Brave Dog Lives With Five Massive Tigers Who Think She Is Their Mum

These images show a brave female dog living with five huge tigers in a Chinese zoo because they all think she is their mother.

The images were filmed at a zoo in the city of Yantai, which is located in the province of Shandong in north-eastern China.

The footage was shared online by a netizen who said that the dog lives with five tigers who think she is their mum.

Five tigers and a dog in a zoo in Yantai, China. (xd12296380/AsiaWire)

The first video shows a large white tiger approaching the dog apparently looking for a cuddle, but the dog is not in the mood and barks and nips at the tiger who appears unfazed.

Another piece of footage shows three tigers apparently pampering the dog, which is much smaller than them, near a body of water.

According to zoo staff quoted by local media, the reason why the tigers tolerate the much smaller dog without ripping it to shreds is because they were all cubs who were not cared for by their own mother and the dog was brought in to raise them as her own.

Five tigers and a dog in a zoo in Yantai, China. (xd12296380/AsiaWire)

It would therefore appear that the tigers treat the dog as their own mother.