Tourist Films Huge Waving Buddha Shrouded In Light Halo Atop Chinese Mountain

This is the moment a tourist films what appears to be a looming Buddha figure shrouded in a halo of light and standing atop a Chinese mountain who then appears to wave at him.

The incident took place at the Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area, which is located near the city of Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province in south-central China.

The footage appears to show a figure standing far away on a mountain shrouded in light with the sun in the background.

Tourist apparently films the ‘Buddha light’ on Tianmen Mountain, China. (186858421/AsiaWire)

It appears to be a trick of the light interacting with the camera lens but then the figure appears to wave at the person filming it.

The footage was shared on social media where it quickly made the rounds, with netizens commenting that it was clearly a “Buddha light”.

One netizen going by the name ‘Golden Rose’ said: “Blessed are those who see it, those who are destined can see the ‘Buddha Light’, the young man has a good spiritual root, and must have a good way of cultivating it!”

Tourist apparently films the ‘Buddha light’ on Tianmen Mountain, China. (186858421/AsiaWire)

While ‘Qin Guan Queqiao Club’ added: “Colourful halo, Buddha light reappears, I wish our motherland longevity and prosperity, good luck and good fortune!”

And ‘Blue Sky and White Clouds’ said: “Good omen! God bless China! Let the epidemic disappear in China as soon as possible!”

The “Buddha light”, for Buddhists, is the light radiated from the bodhisattva’s head wheel. In the Buddhist belief system, a bodhisattva is an enlightened being who has delayed entering paradise so as to help other beings attain enlightenment.

Tourist apparently films the ‘Buddha light’ on Tianmen Mountain, China. (186858421/AsiaWire)

It is said that the place where the “Buddha light” often appears is on Mount Emei, which is located in south-western China’s Sichuan Province and is known as the highest of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains in China.

Local media said the “Buddha light” that appears on Mount Emei is also called “Emei Baoguang “. They added that “Emei Baoguang” looks like a colourful halo, with a figure visible in the centre.

Physicists however had a somewhat different explanation, arguing that it was a relatively special natural physical phenomenon. The essence of “Buddha light”, they said, was that the sun is behind the viewer and the shadow of the viewer is projected onto the cloud in front of the viewer.

Tourist apparently films the ‘Buddha light’ on Tianmen Mountain, China. (186858421/AsiaWire)

Tiny ice crystals and water droplets in the clouds form a unique circle-shaped rainbow and the figure appears at the centre of the rainbow.