Boy, 4, Dies From Viral Infection After Eating Spoiled Hot Dog

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub-Editor: Joana Mihajlovska, Agency:  Newsflash

This four-year-old boy has died after eating a hotdog which his mum claims infected him with viruses which caused fatal kidney failure.

The tragic death occurred at the Public Hospital Maternal and Child in the city of Salta located in the Argentine province of the same name on 11th December.

The four-year-old victim, identified as Elias, became ill after eating a hot dog from a fast food place, according to his mother Sandra Bautista.


The grieving mum said on social media that Elias started to experience headaches and vomiting after he finished eating a hot dog she bought at a shop in the town of La Merced in Salta Province.

She said she took him to the local hospital where he was given something to help him relax and she hoped he would get better with time.

However, the four-year-old continued to experience intense stomach pains, vomiting and diarrhoea, and he was transported to the Public Hospital Maternal and Child in Salta.

He was placed in intensive care on arrival where he remained for four days before he died from renal damage caused by the bacteria, according to reports.

Bautista said her child had been infected with rotavirus and adenovirus, adding that people usually become infected with them when eating badly-cooked or spoiled food.

Sandra Bautista/Newsflash

She accused the food shop’s owner of selling them a spoiled hotdog and went to claim that the owner usually sells badly-prepared foods.

Bautista wrote: “The shop owner knows what she does, you have spoiled things in your delicatessen and what do you do?

“You send the spoiled hot dogs and mayonnaise to your sandwich shops, I mean it goes out on the same day so it is no big deal. I heard about all of this after we knew what my baby had which was caused by that hot dog.”

She ended her post saying that she only shared her story because she hopes to spare other innocent children from the same fate.

Despite the claims in the post, the hospital confirmed the viruses the boy was infected with and echoed the claims that people are usually infected with them through spoiled foods.

However, they cannot confirm Elias got the bacteria from the hot dog or the mayonnaise bought from the fast food shop.

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