Bored Biker Works Out While Waiting At Red Light

Story By: John Feng, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: AsiaWire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This bizarre footage shows a bored motorcyclist doing push-ups in the middle of a road with his helmet on while waiting for a red light to change.

The footage filmed in Taichung’s Beitun District in West Taiwan shows biker Chuang Tsun-jen having jumped off his motorcycle and getting down onto the asphalt at the lights.

Wearing his motorcycle helmet, he does 20 press-ups between two stopped cars and then switches to doing 10 sit-ups.

He finishes off his red-light workout routine with some kickboxing before climbing back onto his bike – a Suzuki GSX-R – all before the lights turn green again.

Chuang’s video was liked thousands of times online, with social media users accusing him of dangerously showing off.

He later did just that when he joined the comment section and posted a photo of his six-pack abs.

He milked his 15 minutes of fame by calling himself a “workout obsessive”, saying: “I can work out anywhere, anytime.”

However, Taichung police appear ready to rain on his parade after announcing that Chuang’s actions were a breach of traffic safety laws.

He will be fined 300 TWD (7.4 GBP) for the stunt, they said.

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Picture Credit: AsiaWire & AsiaWire/Chuang Tsun-jen

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