Bodybuilder Who Married Sex Doll Starts Trend For Others To Take Latex Lovers

Kazakh bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko – who famously married a sex doll – has been encouraging others to follow suit after giving away a male latex lover to a gay follower.

Yuri, who hit the headlines last year for marrying his sex doll Margo weeks before she broke and who later filled his home with a harem of latex beauties, held a competition for a free sex doll on Instagram for his 110,000 followers.

And the lucky winner has won a male doll and plans to start his own social media page with pictures of himself and his new ‘boyfriend’.

Kazakh bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko, 36. (@yurii_tolochko/Newsflash)

Yuri decided the winner after narrowing down the participants to a final three, and eventually chose the 39-year-old male prison nurse, identified by his middle name Lee, as the winner.

Yuri told Newsflash: “The participants first studied the entire range of the company’s dolls, chose five of their favourites, and then wrote a comment about what they would like to do with the doll that they cannot do with a person.”

He added: “It was important for me that the winner really needed this doll.”

Pic Shows: Yurii Tolochko with Margo; The hunky actor who vowed to marry his sex doll after paying real plastic surgeons to enhance ‘her’ appearance has postponed the wedding due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Yuri said: “Several dozen people took part in the competition. From all of them, I initially chose three final contenders and asked them new questions as it was really difficult for me to choose an outright winner.

“In general, I was very moved by Lee’s messages and comments, and he became the winner. He wrote to me initially, even before I chose the winner, that he was inspired by my experience, and that he also has a passion for objects, but considered himself abnormal. Now, thanks to my experience, he was able to accept himself.

“In further correspondence, he promised that if he won, he would start separate accounts on Instagram and Twitter and show his life there with the doll and, perhaps, this would help someone else accept himself. I was impressed by his words and decided to give the prize to him.”

This is the doll sent to the anonymous winner. (Newsflash)

He added that the winning prize came from the company

Lee, 39, told Newsflash: “I have followed Yuri’s page for just under a year and he has given me great confidence to accept myself. I often thought of myself as quite alone until I stumbled across Yuri by accident.”

The competition winner added that dolls do not have the “pressure of modern relationships or the worries of being cheated on, hurt, or let down”.

This is the doll sent to the anonymous winner. (Newsflash)

Lee said: “Of course I plan to stay fully faithful to my male doll.”