Bodybuilder Goes On Angry Rampage Inside Store Over Protein Snack

A buff man dubbed the Taiwan “Hulk” was filmed going on a full rampage as he trashed the inside of a local convenience store after they ran out of his favourite protein snack.

The unnamed man, who is reportedly a local bodybuilder, had to be subdued by police after he went berserk inside a Taiwanese ‘7-Eleven’.

Phone footage captured by passing-by witnesses shows the muscular man, dressed only in a pair of shorts, smashing things inside the store.

The man reportedly went out of control and began arguing with the store’s clerk who had informed him they were out of the chicken-flavoured Italian snack that he wanted.

He refused to get any of the other flavours available and instead began acting erratically, and knocked products off shelves while talking to himself.

The clerk phoned the police, but the bodybuilder began attacking the officers who arrived at the scene.

Footage of the violent encounter soon appeared on social media, with numerous netizens quickly dubbing the man the “Taiwan Hulk.”

One Facebook user titled ‘Yuanhao Chu’ said: “I thought his body was going to turn green.”

A Taiwanese bodybuilder trashes a 7-Eleven store over a chicken snack that was unavailable in Taiwan, undated. He was arrested. (@TIWDRUG/AsiaWire)

And user ‘Puqi Peak’ wrote: “Did the Hulk transformation ultimately fail?”

Another clip – showing the officers beating up the man with their batons – sparked heated online debates with many criticising the cops for their use of force.

One quick-snapped image by an unnamed witness shows the handcuffed bodybuilder sitting outside the store’s entrance with his head bleeding profusely.

A Facebook user titled ‘Cheng-Yu Tu’ said: “Shouldn’t they use a stun gun to subdue him? Those two policemen also have to be punished and re-educated …”

It is unclear what legal consequences the bodybuilder will be facing.

The two officers are reportedly being investigated for the use of excessive force.