Blogger Urges Drivers To Run Over Stray Animals

Story By: Anastasia Smirnova, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

This Russian blogger with millions of followers has caused outrage by saying that drivers should run over stray cats and dogs on the roads.

Pretty Russian blogger Valeria Lyubarskaya, who boasts 1.3 million YouTube subscribers and 870,000 Instagram followers, said on social media: “We were driving along the motorway and suddenly a stupid dog ran into the road.

“My boyfriend reacted badly and slammed on the brakes. The dog managed to run away unscathed.”

Picture Credit: CEN/@lyubarskaya

Lyubarskaya added that thankfully there were no cars behind then otherwise an accident would have been unavoidable.

She continued: “Dear drivers, remember that if any creature appears on the road while you are driving, especially if there are lots of cars around, just run over it. Do you understand that?

Picture Credit: CEN/@lyubarskaya

“The life of a stray animal is not worth the life of a human being.”

The popular blogger recounted a previous incident involving her mum and a stray cat and she concluded by saying: “One last time, remember, if animals are on the road, you continue driving. Do not hit the brakes.

Picture Credit: CEN/@lyubarskaya

“Yes, you may feel sorry afterwards, for sure. But your life is a lot more valuable. A lot more valuable.”

However, not everyone agreed with the blogger’s sentiments and angry netizen ‘Korpyl3w’ said: “Dear drivers, remember, if you see Lyubarskaya on the road, run her over. She is not worth the life of a human being.”

Meanwhile, ‘Ilya plavnik’ commented: “Everything she says is correct. That is what every motorist learns at driving school.”

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