Bird Found Alive After Collision With Massive Boeing Jet

Story By: Elena Kalioglo, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN

This is the incredible moment airport staff find a huge bird still alive and wedged in the landing gear of a passenger jet.

The stranded bird can be seen trapped by its wing in the wheel mechanism, and is flapping its free wing in a vain attempt to get free.

Pictures Credit:CEN

The footage was shot at the Russian capital Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport on Wednesday, 11th September.

The huge bird, which was identified by airport officials as a type of cormorant, crashed into the landing gear of the Boeing as it came into land at speed on a flight from Almaty.

Pictures Credit:CEN

The bird was only discovered by airport workers after landing.

As can be seen in the frames, to the surprise of everyone, the cormorant can be seen trapped firmly by its wing in the structure but amazingly, it was not only alive but also apparently uninjured.

The plane had landed without incident other than the bird and nobody was hurt, and after a brief check two hours later it was allowed to fly on to its next destination in Lisbon.

No further information was released about the bird after it was pulled from the fuselage.

Internet users however criticised the person filming the video instead of helping the trapped bird.

‘Marina_Vanila’ said: “A little bird and a big plane! How did you manage to get into the chassis? But the poor thing fought and did not give up… Nobody wants to die! ”

‘Gani’ said: ”Instead of helping the bird free itself, this person stands and looks at it. And also shoots a video. Eh people, people. How heartless we are. We would rather collect likes than help.”

‘Kirea’ said: ”Morons. Help the bird, don’t just shoot video.”

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